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February 12 2009
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 11:06 ]
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Nina gets taken out for some boating fun. First she is hogtied - as the boat bumps over the waves she must fight her bonds to balance. Later when the boat is anchored she is suspended from the stern - a metal hook gently fucks her as she sways back and forth in the breeze. As the afternoon draws on, she is taken ashore to a deserted island and suspended from a convenient tree.

Gagged, bound and helpless while restrained by devices

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Posted by bdsmsex  [ 06:19 ]
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On April 6th Hogtied shot it's first live show. It has been available in streaming format from the Live Shows link. Today we have turned the historic shoot into a downloadable shoot. If somehow you missed this, Amber Rayne was great and suffered beautifully. We did some amazing real time ties, lots of double penetration, and we forced her to cum over and over even when her body thought it could not take anymore.

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Posted by bdsmsex  [ 02:43 ]
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If strip clubs actually offered bars with women tied to them, they would be worth going to. As it is, strip clubs leave me broke and frustrated! Nina gets some nice ties in this set including some good orgasms.

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February 10 2009
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 06:32 ]
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Audrey is an experienced Dominatrix. She has dominated men and women alike on our sister sites. There is nothing sexier than seeing a Dominatrix in tight bondage. No greater turn on than to hear her sounds of the delight caused by a flogger. No greater pleasure than to hear her grunt out a forced orgasm as you vibrate her pussy beyond her ability to keep control. This is the good life.



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Posted by bdsmsex  [ 04:48 ]
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Kat is back and this time she brought her old cheerleading uniform. This nineteen year old ex cheerleader is back for more bondage fun. She is taken to an old warehouse where Matt has his way with her. Forced orgasms, tight elbow-to-elbow bondage, and a huge monster dildo in the ass is what Kat endures this time around. If you've ever thought about joining this site, this shoot is as good a reason as ever to do it!


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Posted by bdsmsex  [ 02:02 ]
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How do you describe Veronika in one word? How about, primadonna spoiled manipulative princess brat. Okay, that's more like 5 words, but fitting. There is nothing more satisfying than teaching a spoiled princess some fun lessons in control. Lessons she will not soon forget.

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February 09 2009
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 12:56 ]
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It is well know we are starting a new Bondage website called We have been searching for a rigger, Webmaster for this site. The following EXTRA BONUS weekend update is a video job interview if you will. We wanted to see their rope skills, and presence. We decided to use Hogtied as venue for the material. Have a nice weekend..

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Posted by bdsmsex  [ 10:50 ]
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She sighs, her face on the floor, lying on her stomach with her arms folded behind her back in chains. Her legs straddle a wooden beam and toe cuffs bite into her skin, discouraging any movement. cyd brings her a bowl of water. She laughs nervously, trying to break the tension. She doesn't believe he wants her to put her face in the bowl and drink like a dog. She barely laps up any, and gasps in surprise when cyd takes the bowl away and dumps the water on her head. Fayth is new to bondage, having done only two shoots before. She admits she didn't even lose her virginity until three years ago, when she was 21. She even had notions of remaining a virgin until marriage. How much of a bondage slut can be made out of this seemingly pristine girl? cyd wastes no time in cutting off her clothes, gagging her, and torturing her feet with a thin sharp wooden skewer. Fayth furrows her brow, breathing heavily as her heart beats faster and sweat starts to bead on her face. She starts to give in. With her back strapped to the post, she is impaled on a cock and forced to crouch spread-eagled. cyd flogs her breasts and makes Fayth fuck herself on the cock while the sound of her moaning becomes increasingly filled with pleasure. She explodes into orgasm when he brings out the vibrator, cursing under her breath while she rides the cock between her legs. A leather hogtie and a machine fuck finish her off as she drools and moans through her gag.

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February 08 2009
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 06:44 ]
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Wenona is an orgasm loving, flexible little minx. We bend her, split her, suspend her, and have her orgasm. The imagery we created in this update is some of the best so far. Enjoy Wenona, because she truly enjoyed this shoot, and put forth the effort to bring it to you.

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February 07 2009
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 13:42 ]
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Gwen Diamond is not your typical cute blond 20 year old. She is truly a textbook nymphomaniac. So, we welcome our sex starved California girl and give her the Hogtied treatment. Being a self proclaimed orgasm junkie, Gwen has the most intense orgasms of her life on our set -- that is saying something! Bound, helpless and forced to cum over and over, Gwen suffers through tight bondage and amazing nipple torture. Pain makes her cum even harder and so we took advantage of that fact repeatedly.

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Posted by bdsmsex  [ 07:28 ]
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There was no need to abduct Paige for this shoot as she's a total bondage lover.

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Posted by bdsmsex  [ 07:04 ]
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Well, another new face gets the Hogtied treatment. Sabrina Sparx is about the cutest little thing you will ever meet. A tiny ball of sex wrapped into the most amazing body. Sabrina is no stranger to bondage, because she does it in her private life; however, it did not prepare her for how intense we are here at Hogtied. We took Sabrina to the edge and kept her there for the entire shoot. Everybody suffers differently and Sabrina does it wonderfully. The forced orgasms and the squirting is what will keep her coming back for more.

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